Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Severe Weather Warnings

Severe Weather Warnings

Weather advisory for strong winds and heavy rain Friday 9th November..

Weather Advisory for heavy rain and strong winds for Friday 9th November for the area of Cannock Chase, Trent Valley and surrounding area. From 15:00 hrs on Friday 9th November until 02:00 hrs on Saturday 10th. Wind speeds will increase during Friday afternoon with the highest wind speed peaking between 18:00 till 00:00 when the winds will start to ease after...

Update on Snow warning.

Good evening, the radar is showing me the snow will continue all night, in fact I see the snow becoming heavier around midnight,  continuing until dawn tomorrow when it becomes lighter and finer. I then see a new band of snow coming into our area around mid afternoon. This snow will be heavy continuing through the evening and overnight,...

Warning for heavy snow and freezing conditions from 07:00 1st March to Saturday 3rd March 09:00

This is my weather warning for snow heavy and persistent at times with some blizzard like conditions at times with the conditions worstening from 18:00 hrs Thursday 1st March lasting Through Friday 2nd March only slowly improving during Saturday 3rd.

No weather warning are in place.

There are currently no weather warnings in place

Weather warning for Dense Fog.

I have a weather warning in place for dense fog from 18:00 Monday 18th lasting through the evening and overnight slowly clearing during Tuesday morning. During Tuesday evening there is a risk of fog developing and lasting overnight in Wednesday morning.  

Weather warning for very heavy and persistent snow from Sunday 10th to Monday 11th.

I am issuing a weather warning for very heavy and persistent snow. It looks like we will possibly have over 24 hours of snow from 3 am Sunday to 6 am Monday 11th December. This looks like causing major disruption with 20 cm of snow or even more. This still could change but at this time of writing it's looking highly...

Be prepared for wintry conditions for snow and ice.

I am issuing a be prepared warning for wintry conditions of snow and ice. Take your time if you are driving, also pedestrians take care on pavements. With current model data this will remain in place from 00:00 hrs Friday 8th December  to Wednesday 13th 00:00 hrs. Keep watching this section for any changes.

There are no weather warnings in place

There are currently no weather warnings in place.

Weather advisory for near gale force gusts of wind Thursday 23rd from 06:00-18:00

Weather advisory for strong gusts of wind reaching 38 mph that's force 7 (Near Gale) or even higher in exposed places (force 8). This could break branches off weak trees, and move loose tiles off roofs. This advisory starts at 06:00 on Thursday 23rd to 18:00 hrs. The peak gust times will be between 10:00 to 15:00 hrs. I will keep...

There are no weather warnings in force .

There are no weather warnings in force at this time for the Cannock Chase and surrounding area.