Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Todays Forecast

Five Day Forecast

Quick 5 day weather forecast from Monday 16th October to Friday...

Monday 16th. A dry day with bright and sunny spells, becoming windy during the afternoon and evening, 20 c. Tuesday 17th. Mostly cloudy with a few bright...

Long Range Forecast

Outlook from the JMA for the next four weeks.

This is the outlook from the JMA issued from the Japanese Met Agency for the next four weeks. It's not meant to be a...

What I'm Watching

Possibility for our own storm on Saturday 21st October.

I am watching Saturday 21st October very carefully. At the moment it looks like there is a possibility Saturday will be a stormy day for...

Sundays update on ex Ophelia

Update on ex Ophelia

Update on Ophelia