Is winter like weather going to arrive on cue ?. Some of the models are beginning to show we could be going to see a change taking place early December. The models are showing cold northerly air moving southwards over the UK. We could see temperature struggling to reach 3 or 4 degrees by day falling below freezing overnight. There are some indications of some wintry precipitation too.

The magical -5c line at 850 hpa that’s 1,500 metres looks like sinking over the UK for five or more days around the 1st December onwards. This -5 c line is important during the winter because this is the first indications that these temperature could allow snow to fall.

We have to take this for what it is at this range but there is the potential so I will be looking for some consistency from the models over the coming day’s. There are lots of reasons to be excited about this if you like cold, wintry weather that is. I will keep you updated of any changes that take place.