This is the real long range from the Japanese Met Office the JMA. Followers will know that every week we look at the next four weeks from the JMA and over all it performs quite well. So I thought we should have a look what they think of the next three month taking us through the summer of 2019.

I have decided to look at the predicted air pressures at sea level this time for this real extended long range. We must take the long range for what it is, please don’t worry to much about what you will read because things can and do change especially with forecasts beyond a few days.


High pressure looks like it will be situated to the North East of the UK over Scandinavia. I would think we would see an easterly air flow which over all would be fairly cool with a few short spells of slightly warmer weather if the wind changes to a South-easterly airflow. Rainfall could be just slightly above average for June.


July shows we may have a weak westerly airflow with winds turning over Europe and coming back eastwards over the southern parts of the UK. Rainfall and temperatures will be around what you would expect.


It looks like some high pressure will build over the Atlantic and North western parts of the UK. This setup would bring a northerly airflow so temperatures maybe slightly below Augusts average temperatures. Rainfall would again be around average, with maybe periods of some drier weather.

We will revisit again the real long range JMA in a months time to see what or if there is any change. But the JMA does not see any signs of any high pressure getting established at the moment to bring any long dry hot spells of weather.