Outlook from the JMA for the next four weeks.

Outlook from the JMA for the next four weeks.


This is the outlook from the JMA issued from the Japanese Met Agency for the next four weeks. It’s not meant to be a forecast but a general outlook. I have added the three images together rotated them and added a red line so you can see the UK. Blue colours are low pressures below average heights. Orange colours are high pressure area’s above average heights.

Week 1 11th October to 17th.

High pressure ridge starts over the UK and rises over Scandinavia and central Europe. And there is a deep low pressure trough just to the West of the UK over the Atlantic. This will bring a South westerly airflow. This period will see some very warm temperatures two or three degrees above average. We will also see above average rainfall with some windy condition at times.

Week 2 18th October to 24th.

This period we will see a low pressure trough over the UK. This period see’s slightly above average temperature and rainfall above average.

Week 3-4 25th October to 7th November.

Low pressure to the North of Scotland. This looks like again we will see slightly above average rainfall and temperatures around average for early November.