We are coming towards the end of February and for snow lovers winter 2019/20 was not what they were hoping for.

I have seen some indications that next week we could see a chance of seeing some brief wintry spells of weather.

The GEFS graph shows the temperature is set to fall to below average at the end of February. The temperature looks like it will drop below the -5 c line at 1,500 metres. This is an indication that we could see any precipitation falling wintry.

Each thin line is a member that makes up the gefs so you can see there is some disagreement within the membership but overall there is some agreement that we could see some snow.

The bottom of the graph is precipitation, so the higher the spike the greater amount of precipitation. So for the last few days of this month there is a chance we could see some snow but I really don’t expect any disruption at this time.