This is the weather forecast for Saturday 13th April and the outlook for Sunday 14th.

The morning.

A cold and frosty start to the day with the temperature from falling close to freezing point.

With clear blue skies the temperature will slowly start to rise during the morning.

The afternoon.

During the afternoon we will start to see some fair weather cloud entering the area reducing the amount of sunshine we will see. There is a very low risk of a spot of rain. Feeling cool with an easterly wind direction, today’s top temperature just reaching 8 centigrade.

The evening and overnight.

The temperature will soon fall away during the evening. The sun will set at 20:03. Overnight we will see the temperature falling to around freezing point.

Outlook for Sunday 14th.

After and cold and frosty start to the day early morning sunshine will slowly see increasing cloud. There is a low risk of a shower during the afternoon. Feeling cool with the top temperature just reaching 9 centigrade.