This is the latest outlook for the next four weeks from the Japanese Met Agency the JMA. It is not meant to be a forecast but a general outlook. I have added the 3 images together and rotated them and added a red line so you can see the UK. Blue colours are low pressure area’s and oranges high pressure area’s.

Week 1. 7th November to 13th.

Low pressure is firmly in control of this period. Temperatures are set to be around 2-3 degrees below average so very cool by day with temperature falling close to freezing by night. It will be quite wet with above average rainfall. Scotland, mountains of wales and peaks of the Pennines will see some wintry weather at times.

Week 2. 14th November to 20th.

Little change from the previous with period low pressure is still in control bringing temperatures 1-2 degrees below average with above average rainfall.

Week 3-4. 21st November to 4th December.

Again low pressure is in control but this time we should see more of a westerly airflow off the Atlantic. So temperatures will be a few degrees up on the previous periods allowing the temperature to be around average for the end of November early December. Precipitation will be drier than the previous period with around average rainfall.