There is a chance that we may see some wintry weather at some point on Saturday or early hours Sunday. The GFS for several day has shown there could be some wintry weather on Saturday. The Icon the German model has also joined in the idea that we could see some sleet.

I can see North Wales mountains and the Pennines will see some snow but the GFS thinks we may see a little in this area.

If the GFS is correct we would see heavy rain on Saturday causing the temperature to drop to around 2 degrees allowing the rain to briefly turn to sleet/snow.

Please don’t get carried away it’s just something I am watching that we may see some sleet or snow but I am certainly not promising snow. The GFS is showing the 528 Dam line is above our area and the temperature at 1,500 metres could be -6 c.

I will update you again Friday evening.