This is the weather forecast for Friday 26th April and the outlook for the weekend.

The morning.

It was a bright and sunny start to the morning for anyone who was out and about early, feeling cool with the temperature around 8 centigrade.

Cloud will soon build from the west reducing any bright spells we will see. There is a risk of a shower the closer we get to midday.

The afternoon.

A wet, breezy afternoon with spells of heavy rain and showers. Today’s top temperature only reaching 11 centigrade.

The evening and overnight.

There may be a brief spell of dry weather before showers return. The sun will set at 20:26. The windspeed will increase becoming windy. The windspeed continues to increase overnight becoming very windy with windspeeds gusting 45-50 mph that’s force 8-9 gale with some heavy blustery showers.

Outlook for the weekend.

Saturday 27th April.

Very windy with gale force gusts of wind and showers. Feeling very cool, 8 centigrade.

Sunday 28th April.

A dry day with some bright and sunny spells, 13 centigrade.